The brand identity of “PUMA” is unique in its own sense which was first shaped in 1948, and the same logo is still in use today with very little modification. PUMA influences sports, lifestyle and fashion which fits in active lifestyle. It is a combination of bold typeface with leaping animal known as cougar, panther or mountain lion which is highlighted in the logo. Expresses its power beast like nature of  the firm and a great hunter that can jump 20 feet high in a single bounce which summarizes complete meaning of its products through logo.  After few changes have been taken place through years and years in PUMA logo. The size, colour and background of it can be modified but  the identity has been same which depicts strength of the company and also a sign of confidence and authority. Whereas, font of the logo is still same which present its stability.


NIKE’s first logo was designed in 1971 by Carolyn Davidson for just $35. The concept was taken from Greek Goddess Victory (By showing NIKE as a source of inspiration for courageous warriors) was presented in orange over the outline of a check mark, the sign of a positive. Used as a concept on NIKE sports shoes since 1970 which id now so remember able that it’s not necessary to mention name as well. And in 1995, communication with a strong point of view of logo with slogan “JUST DO IT” to their target market. Isn’t it great that how a small design make a company into big success.


ADIDAS a name which stands in competence of all sectors of sports was founded by Adolf (Adi) Dassler. The 3 strips of ADIDAS logo was designed by him only in 1967 which actually represents mountain, showing challenges that are seen ahead and also goals that can be achieved. Logo of the brand illustrates durability, elegance and also represents without doubt a mark of leading sports position in the world.

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