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Adidas 3D projection show at the Palais du Pharo in Marseille for the launch of the ‘adidas is all in’ campaign.

Brands are using the amazing 3D projection mapping on buildings or on many products in order to earn some attention of their target audiences. The projections are fully adapted to the architecture of a building or facade


New Media & Technology

The Media Revolution………


The Google Approach

There is a saying in advertising – “Every status has its symbol”. A brand is something with which an organisation connects to the consumers. It is something which defines the status symbol, the distinctiveness of its consumers. Brands like NIKE, APPLE etc. make their respective consumer stand apart from others.

A brand is not built in a day, instead it takes years to achieve respect as a symbol of values and class. For an organisation to make a mark in the minds of its consumers and to make everybody feel its presence in the market, branding is the most important tool used in today’s world. Branding is a continuous process which needs to be given most importance no matter how big an organisation is. It’s like creating an identity of the brand. In today’s advertising industry branding is done in three different ways – Branding focussed on company name (e.g. Coca Cola, Pizza Hut etc.); Iconic Branding (e.g. Google); Mood ‘Branding (e.g. “Do it” of NIKE, “Think Different” of APPLE)

Although, each of the three brandings has its unique ways, but iconic branding (Flexible Branding) is seen as the future of branding and is likely to become even more powerful in the years ahead. Some organisations took this idea of branding to a new level by introducing iconic branding. Their way of branding is so impactful that they became monstrously huge and almost the rulers of their respective fields. Some of them became so popular consumers started calling the product by their names, for e.g. GOOGLE is now widely used as a term for online search. We don’t say “search It “, rather we say “Google It”. That’s the effect of ICONIC BRANDING (FLEXIBLE BRANDING) on the consumers.

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Different elements make up a BRAND!

One of the best TV commercials ever made in the history. This ad shows the different parts of a car doing their bit of job in order to show the extreme functioning of the automobile.

Having received more awards than any commercial in history, it was both the most-awarded commercial of 2004 and the 33rd-most-awarded commercial of 2003. It got the highest score ever recorded of any commercial ever, with the jury’s chairman Charles Inge commenting: “My own opinion is that this is the best commercial that I have seen for at least ten years.”  The president-elect of the D&AD Awards, Dick Powell, said of the piece: “It delights and entrances, it communicates engineering quality and quality of thinking, and leaves you with a smile.”