The aim of this book is to give students the creative thinking skills in Branding. This will help them to introduce new ideas and practice them with their experience, also encourage them to think about the purpose of Communication Design in Brand Identity.

The Google Approach

There is a saying in advertising – “Every status has its symbol”. A brand is something with which an organisation connects to the consumers. It is something which defines the status symbol, the distinctiveness of its consumers. Brands like NIKE, APPLE etc. make their respective consumer stand apart from others.

A brand is not built in a day, instead it takes years to achieve respect as a symbol of values and class. For an organisation to make a mark in the minds of its consumers and to make everybody feel its presence in the market, branding is the most important tool used in today’s world. Branding is a continuous process which needs to be given most importance no matter how big an organisation is. It’s like creating an identity of the brand. In today’s advertising industry branding is done in three different ways – Branding focussed on company name (e.g. Coca Cola, Pizza Hut etc.); Iconic Branding (e.g. Google); Mood ‘Branding (e.g. “Do it” of NIKE, “Think Different” of APPLE)

Although, each of the three brandings has its unique ways, but iconic branding (Flexible Branding) is seen as the future of branding and is likely to become even more powerful in the years ahead. Some organisations took this idea of branding to a new level by introducing iconic branding. Their way of branding is so impactful that they became monstrously huge and almost the rulers of their respective fields. Some of them became so popular consumers started calling the product by their names, for e.g. GOOGLE is now widely used as a term for online search. We don’t say “search It “, rather we say “Google It”. That’s the effect of ICONIC BRANDING (FLEXIBLE BRANDING) on the consumers.

(Mark Sweeney: The report says that GOOGLE leads the top 100 most powerful brands list for the fourth year running, estimating its value at 75 Pound, per month. What makes Google (a mere search engine) achieve such a status?  Why is it that almost 77% of the world’s online search is done using GOOGLE? Within 15 years of time, how GOOGLE became the most sought after Brand?

Daye and VanAuken (Brand Aid) 2003, during the 1980’s COKE and APPLE were the two major brands who taught the marketing students about How Brands are built and How their status is maintained. They were the main inspirational sources of How Brand Management and Key Branding is done. In the year 1998 entered an organisation which completely changed the way of Branding.  Within no time, it has emerged as the leader of brands in the whole world. In the year 2002, GOOGLE was named “The Brand of the Year” by the readers of (HAIG, Brand Royalty, 2004). What unique we see in Google’s Branding is that it has never done any promotion on TV or Radio. It has mainly relied on the word-of-mouth publicity. It never opted for any Advertising Agency for its promotion. It is a Brand which dominates the Corporate Industry like no other. It is a very dynamic brand as in actual manner it’s a service. It’s everybody’s perception on Google that it is very user-friendly and also it gives authentic search results within split seconds.

For all the web users, Google is totally free service. Its revenue generates mainly through the advertisers and they are also divided into two groups – the one which from Google’s Premiere Sponsorship under which big ads displayed on the main screen of search engine and the other one’s are random boxes of the ads which comes under Google Adwords. These two ways allow Google to generate its revenues.

Google follows text-based advertising policy. There is not a single image or visual or any corporate image on their advertisements. The advertisements cover only simple text and also a link in relevance to the website.

Sergy Brin, co-founder of Google and president states,”The momentum of our advertising relationships is a strong, validation of the high quality and appeal of our service”. At the end of year 2000, the advertisers at Google witnessed an increase in the rate of average click-through. In comparison to the industry standards, web banner ads it was 4 to 5 times higher.

Google is seen as a very impartial search engine as the advertisement placed on it are totally independent. It displays small and text based advertisements which are without any image or visual, even then people wish to put up their ads on Google. This is because the users trust Google and this is what the companies want to buy. The main reason behind this is that if Google provides more space for the advertisement to their companies and also visuals, then the search engine will be affected badly.

(Gobe, Brand Jam, 2007) Creating an iconic image of a brand is very typical, as it reflects the brand message and also emancipates a visual identity (logo) which improves the rights of a brand individually. In comparison to some other brand’s visual identity Google is quite different as it is basically famous for its typographic symbol more than visual. Google gave a new face to search engine. It made it more dynamic and more fun for its users. Every occasion the logo changes according to it and it also acts as the link to the search results of that very occasion. Google termed it as “Google Doodle”. The Doodles represent the Google brand as it has no visual as its logo except for the name. Google logo certainly appears to be a publicity stunt of some sort as the Google logo page, which normally updates with animated and illustrative typographic implementation of that day’s Doodle.

“In this logo of ‘Google Doodle’ is a collection of coloured balls that move away when you try to pass your mouse over them. The, if left undisturbed, they ‘settle’ and reform the Google Logo”

“Google’s most famous interactive ‘Google Doodle’ was the Pac Man game in May. The internet search giant posted the playable game to mark the 30th birthday of the classic arcade title.”

31st Oct 2010 Happy Halloween – Part 1 – (Selected Countries)

31st Oct 2010 Birthday of Katsushika Hokusai – (Japan)

Through this, Google represents that it’s not necessary that brand identity needs to be static or assertive but it can also come in a natural manner with its corporate dynamic expressions. The image of a brand which reflects its real expressions to the whole world is an idea to communicate people in an intellectual way.

(Edge and Milligan; Don’t Mess with the Logo; 2009) Google is one of the best example among all young brands as it has created its level of status at the top of all human minds. The identity of Google is a very simple typographic form, although they play with the logo every day as they have the option because Google is digital with its various streams like Gmail, Orkut, Google Maps, Google Blog, Google Calendar etc. Now, Google has a replacement for its traditional website as “Classic Site” which is still available and trying to create “I Google”, which is more of a user-defined homepage. A user can set what all gadgets (like calendar, weather, favourite Quotes etc.), as the items to be there on the Google Search homepage.

As far as I feel, Google is a brand which is so popular among the users that it has started defining the product/service itself. “Let’s Google it”, “I will Google you”, are some of the sentences we hear almost every day in our lives. It has become so dominating that it has actually replaced the term “Search” in the web world. People have started calling “Google it” in place of “Search it”.

Goole helps others to build value. It’s platform allows its users to make more profitable business, communities and networks of their own. It has many areas of interest for users like Blogs for publishing content, YouTube for users to upload their favourite videos, Google Groups for communities, Google Calendar (Planner) for official appointments, Picasa for online albums, Google Analytics for tracking sites and one of the most used Google Maps which is on the web at One can get directions from and to wherever he wants with just names of the places. It’s a confidence that whatever reference you need over the internet, of course, you need to “Google it!”

The face of every company towards its customers is its visual identity (logo), advertisements etc. As Google’s face is its amazing services which it provides to its customers and make direct relation with them.

The more control on organisation or company has on its product/service, the lesser the possibility of that product/service to make an impact on the consumer. The more control an organisation gives into the hands of the consumer, the more is the possibility of that product / service to be easily and effectively accepted in the market. Google follows this policy of “Hand over the Service to the User/Consumer and See It Flourish”. It just develops an application and hands it over to the user to use it according to his/her choice. For e.g. the search options in Google are so dynamic that a user can actually segmentize the search according to the colour. Size etc. This dynamism adds to the credibility and adaptability of Google among its users.

Taking the case of Google Doodle, as it is one of the most innovative way of making an impact on the user while keeping him/her up-to-date. We all are very much aware of the changing logo of Google on the search homepage. Google doesn’t have any designer or artist who designs them. DOODLE designing is open to all the web-users through a competition called DOODLE 4 GOOGLE. Google invites the designs according to the occasion from the users and the best design is uploaded on the homepage and the winner even gets an award. This DOODLE competition plays a very important role in the branding of Google as because of this its credibility increases among the users as they start considering themselves to be the part of the company.

Google has full faith on its data. As this is the way how Google keep its users update with latest content. Google creates platform for people which enables them in building up their businesses. Google has no limitations with its values for people whatever they can do and also helps them to do whatever they imagine. Google maintain our relationship as what I believe today’s generation have an evolving understanding and also experience of friendship as the internet will not let them lose touch with their friends. Google keep all of them connected.

The word mark of Google is one of the most recognised standardised graphic representations of the name of Multinational Public Corporation which is basically used for the purpose of identification and branding. Google logo has various modifications into it according to the occasions, such as any Major event, Birth day of ant personality, any Festival etc. in a same official Google typeface.

As far as my perception goes, Google does strong branding as well as confident branding strategy which uses designed Doodle to communicate a message that attracts the target audience. Google represents its Doodle in a very interactive and exciting way which creates confidence in brand.

And the most important thing with Google as a brand is fun because it is very conceptualised that a company which delivers an interactive or funny logo and a relevant name so it is obvious that Google inspires high user loyalty. Even I probably use 98% of the time Google then refer any others like Alta Vista or Ask.Com as I give importance, How it looks like especially their festive versions of the logos as well as How frequently it work? Google offers great search results without wasting a single minute.

The brand value of Google rose every year as it gained the most in value over the past year. Brands are valued only due to its sales or the consideration of how important it is among its users. Google never did any brand campaign as the other internet engine companies do like Yahoo, eBay, Amazon etc. The reason behind that is Google doesn’t need to do brand advertising just because Google services are in it a brand builder. As, Google is known the best search engine on earth.

Brand value is a simple concept, but there should be atleast one fundamental importance. As in every interaction between consumer/user with a company influences their perceptions of the brand like consumer behaviour and then the financial performance of the company.

In Google, brand value and valuation are two major streams which always move together in every aspects of its service which is the main reason of Google to its remarkable stability in the market. It actually dominates the search engine market as the only website which is given the first preference out of the list of search engines. The effect of Google on its specific market is so impactful that it has started replacing the service/product itself. How many of us say “Let’s search it over the net”? ; And how many of us say , “Let’s GOOGLE it”? Almost 90% of us hear the latter sentence every day. Google has always given more importance to the quality of its services rather than spending hefty amount on its promotion or marketing. Instead of promoting itself among the users through marketing, Google has always concentrated on how to make its services more fun and more user-friendly.

Google’s as a brand name value showed the strongest gain with a value which increases daily. The more specific the branding goal is the easier it is to achieve it.

The most interesting thing in Google is that Google creates excitement and gives something new and different which is better than last year. Although, we all know that Google will remain in the top most list of popular brands as it’s a brand which is about to rule the world because it becoming so powerful and too strong to dominate others.

Google is the simplest and also powerful tool that can be used anywhere, by anyone in the world.


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